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Some of you know him better as a teacher, instructor, trainer, a lecturer, a mentor, an adviser, a facilitator, a 'cikgu', a supervisor, an artist, a designer, a multimedia developer or just simply as a friend.

What I do?

Azlee has been teaching for almost 15 years. He comes from a fine arts background, worked in the advertising and desktop publishing industry for more than 10 years overlapping with the multimedia/ web industry. Comfortable with various Operating Systems but toggles between the Mac OS and Windows.

Currently engaged in freelance teaching, he is the driving force behind most students - sometimes pushing them from behind and sometimes running to get out their way. Azlee divides his time between development and teaching. This serves his students well because they are being taught by someone who actually uses the software. Azlee makes sure that their skills are kept up to date.

He started in this industry with a Diploma in Graphic Design from Temasek Polytechnic (then Baharuddin VI). Azlee went further and attain a Degree in Advertising, BA (Honours) Degree in Multimedia Design and an MA both from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. He also holds a Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Training. He is a certified AMIS instructor and NAC's certified programs for animation and wire sculpture. He is currently working on a Specialist Diploma in Game Development. He hopes to pursue his PhD in the future..

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